2011年11月30日 星期三

Google Spreadsheet may be treated as your Cloud

No need to enter student names into phone. Just get the student names into a Google Spreadsheet and the Attendance app handles the rest.


First, you need to create a Google Spreadsheet. Column C is reserved for the total number of absences for each student. Column D is reserved for the total number of tardies for each student. Every other column after D contains the dates that students were absent or late.

The first time an attendance sheet is saved, the app will save the absent/late formulas in columns C and D. 

On the phone, select the class you would to take attendance for. Selecting a class will first sign you in to your Google account, and will then pull in a list of student names from your spreadsheet. Once the list loads, you will see that each student is marked as “Present” by default. Tapping a student’s name cycles through three attendance settings: “Present”, “Absent”, and “Late”. After you have completed your roll call, press the physical menu key on your phone, and select “Submit Results”. If you marked a student as absent, but they later come into class, all you need to do is select the class they are in, long press on the student name, and select “Mark last absence as late”.

Now, you should begin to study Google Spreadsheets API.