2011年11月30日 星期三

Nuji - as “Instagram meets Instapaper” for social shopping

 It likes as "Instapaper":
  • If you’re browsing online, a bookmarklet allows you to save items you like from any online store. 
  • It helps you keep track some of the great things you discover and may want to purchase later.

It likes as "Instagram":
  • As you’re in a shop and you see something you’d like to buy in the future, or simply just like. 
  • You scan the barcode using Nuji’s iPhone app and the item is added to your profile

Follow people and stores you like:
  • You can follow people with similar taste, see what they’re discovering and add their items to your Nuji wish list.
  • It is a way for users to create and share a list of items they’re interested in buying and get social shopping recommendations by following users with similar tastes.

    Seeing more details in YouTube ...